Monday, February 14, 2011

LoveBugs Brought Lunch

The Love Bugs are big at our house, big like Santa or the Easter Bunny. Really it's just an excuse for me to create a little magic while the girls still believe...just like every other Valentines Day the girls woke up to little baskets filled with all sorts of little treats. What the girls will soon find out is that the Love Bugs also created some magic in our lunches.
Both the girls have the same lunch today and I had them packed last night! Yippee, a small feet at our house! For this Love filled lunch I pulled out my Wilton Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter collection, it's filled with all sorts of hearts, arrows, x's and o's. Lunch includes carrot and red bell pepper hearts, cheese and ham cut with a variety of shapes, a little cutie with a heart pick, some cinnamon graham crackers, some chocolate and gummy hearts, and a little chocolate Gnome. Hope this lunch warms their hearts and fuels their little bodies!

The little Gnome is made out of a Hershey Kiss, he has a little hat and the heart says, " I hope you Gnome how much I love you!". We used large kisses to make Gnomes for our teachers at the charter school and Awanas.
We've passed out 5 Gnomes so far and so far everyone LOVES them...this is perfect, it sets the scene just the way I had hoped for our little Family Valentine's Day Celebration tonight...don't tell GiGi and LiLi, but we're going to see Gnomeo and Juliet!   Happy Valentine's Day, hope your feeling the love!

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  1. seriously adorable...and delicious! I need a step by step list: shopping list, cookie cutters (where to get), bento boxes (links to various types)...more, more, more please!