Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Italy

I was really in the mood for pasta salad, so I created a whole lunch based on this yummy, veggie loaded treat!  It was such and easy and fun lunch to throw together, I would have loved to put in a few more fruits but I couldn't find any berries or melon that looked very good at the store. 

I also used a new Bento container.  You won't believe this, but I got these at The Container Store (my idea of Heaven) for only $6.00!!!!  You heard right! And look at all the food that I've packed in there, more then enough for any child, more then enough for me, probably enough for my Hubby.  If you were using these for your Husband and you wanted to put a sandwich, don't worry there is tons of space.  You could fill this full of all sorts of great eats, and pack an apple or banana separately to bulk up the meal.
Both girls got the same lunch, and they were both so excited for these new bento boxes.  Gigi's is blue and LiLi's is pink, everyone is happy with their favorite colors!   This lunch has salami ribboned on toothpicks, tomatoes and carrot slices, pickles and olives, and cheese cubes...the toothpicks and little bits really do make the food taste better.  They got a half a banana, a handful of raw almonds, and that yummy, colorful pasta salad, plus two samaos cookies! 
We've been selling Girl Scout cookies for the last few weeks and I finally broke down and opened a box.  Now to just eat two a day.


  1. Are those little cups reusable? Or are they paper? I love that idea...How do you keep those smaller items from mixing up? I have to put ZZs bento in his lunch box which gets turned on it's side during the travel to and from prek...haven't braved olives or anything juicy yet...

  2. Lisa, The little containers are reusable...they're silcone. If you have a Cost Plus in the area they have a great variety! These containers don't really hold everything in it's place, because you basically fold them in half, but for olives and pickles I just drain off all of the liquid before packing.