Monday, June 6, 2011

Picnic at the Park

I asked what you wanted to see and a Picnic lunch was the winner, and well frankly, a picnic is really a great way to go!  I packed the girls up today to hit a local park to burn off some extra energy, and threw together a few lunches which not only saved money, but saved us from needing to make a trip through a drive through.  When I was packing the lunches I kept thinking about what Ma might have packed the Ingall's family for a picnic after church (I am such a product of the 70's).  I decided she would have packed chicken, potato salad, berries, maybe a chocolate cake or an apple pie, probably some season veggies and some fresh baked bread.  Since I had 30 minutes the fresh bread and pie were out.  Also the veggies picked from my garden will have to wait, since the plants aren't yet producing... lucky for me the 10 plus local grocery stores have all sorts of lovely produce!

This picnic lunch has some grilled chicken drumsticks, homemade potato salad (yum), an apricot, watermelon, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, some Tillimook cheese and a cupcake! (The cupcake was leftover from a birthday celebration this weekend, but if I hadn't have had it I would have made some brownies.)  Since it's a picnic I'm going to go a little crazy and pack some Hansen's soda!    I'm willing to bet this picnic lunch that Pa and Half Pint would have gobbled it up.
And this easy, yummy picnic lunch is packed in my favorite easylunchboxes. 


  1. I LOVE your lunches but how can you make all this in 30 mins? Do you use leftovers from dinner? I just started packing lunches to save us from yucky drive thru which I was doing 2-3 days a week. I'm finding it takes some time and lots of planning. I'm wondering if I'm trying to hard to make the lunches themed and should just use what I have on hand even if its not a common pairing.

  2. Someday soon I'm getting some lunchboxes like yours and silicone cupcake holders. I would LOVE These lunches for ME!

  3. Well, first of all I do use leftovers, and I try to plan themed lunches based on whats on hand and in season. Kids love the novelty of fun lunches, but they don't always have to be show stoppers to be enjoyed! I did make the drumsticks this morning, but they'll also be dinner tomorrow. The potato salad and the cupcakes were left over from a Birthday Party we had yesterday.
    Often I'll decide on a main for a lunch and try to make a lunch around that. And in this case, I had done a poll and Picnic Lunch won;)

    Kari, I think I'm going to be having a little give away soon for a set of easy lunch boxes and maybe for fun I'll throw in some silicone liners. But if you can't wait, hit Cost Plus World Market...they have the liners for about $3.00 for about 8-10, and they have tons of shapes and colors!