Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Playing With the Queen of Hearts

Sure enough with Valentine's Day looming in the near future, radio stations are playing all sorts of love and hearts songs.  "Playing With the Queen of Hearts" came on, so naturally, I turned it up and sang along...the looks of disgust coming from the backseat didn't put a dent in my crooning!   GiGi is at an age where her Mother merely breathing can cause embarrassment, but when it comes to lunches, I'm the Queen hands down in her book.   The song is the inspiration for today's little lunches, it's all things hearts, even the hard boiled eggs!
 This is Gigi's lunch.  She has ham, white cheddar and sharp yellow cheddar cut into hearts.  There are  mushrooms with hearts cut into the tops and some heart shaped cucumber slices.   We added some yummy cantaloupe, kiwi and pineapple hearts.   She has pretzels (if you look really hard they're sort of heart shaped) and some heart shaped junior mints and conversation hearts...and for the big finale a heart shaped hard boiled egg! She was so excited to see that I could shape her hard boiled eggs that I've had to order tons of molds.
 LiLi's lunch is very similar to GiGi's, except no cantaloupe or mushrooms...and we added baby tomatoes.  Again, I tried to stick with everything heart shaped.  It would be lovely if they would both eat the sames things, but these were simple switches.
Here are the heart shaped molds that I used for the eggs.  As soon as you finish boiling them, take the eggs out of the shell, squish it into the molds (the molds are really made for Quail eggs, but we have and throw them in the fridge until cold.  These molds come in all sorts of shapes, and are so fun!  You can find them on EBay, Amazon and at some Japanese stores.

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  1. I don't home school, and don't even have lunches to pack yet. However, I am loving your blog! Cute and fun ideas. For my hungry little boy, I would have to double, um.. maybe triple the portion sizes though! Great job, and love the themes!