Monday, February 7, 2011

Cheese Heads for A Day

At our house, we're not exactly what you'd consider sports fans.  In fact, I had to do a google search to find out who would be playing in the Super Bowl.   But we are fans of hosting get togethers with our friends and families, and this provided the perfect excuse!    I ate so much yesterday that I'm almost ashamed to admit that I looked forward to packing lunches this morning.  I knew it would be a snap though, and that the girls would love their green and yellow themed lunches.  (I rooted for the Packers yesterday, based on the fact that I know next to nothing about football, but loads of stuff about cheese!)

 LiLi's lunch has 4 green and yellow silicon holders with mini cheese balls, a little cutie, some caramel rice cakes, and some summer sausage (homemade from a friend), plus some carrot sticks and sugar snap peas, and some wheat thins.  It's not really a football theme as much as a leftover theme, but with the holders and the picks we're sort of celebrating the Packers!
GiGi has some meatballs, white cheddar and the same summer sausage, a little cutie, some caramel rice cakes, carrots and snap peas, and wheat thins.  Plus she packed herself a banana for snack.
My girls love rice cakes and I have them mostly convinced that they're a treat; the caramel ones really are yummy; and I can feel good about them getting some good grains!

My lunch didn't make the post, it's not super cute or creative....but I'm having some leftover cheese ball with whole wheat crackers and a half of an avocado.    I packed the girls' lunches in our easylunchbox containers and mine in an orange lunchbot.  Ready, set, eat! Go Team!

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  1. Great idea using the tiny cheeseball and meatballs for a lunch. How fun. Also I like the use of the silicone holders to separate everything.