Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mom, I Want To Be a Vegetarian

GiGi made this announcement last night, right after I had walked in the door from an especially sad funeral.  (They all are, right?  But this was for a 5 year old...just not okay.  Hug your kids!)   I was tired, I was done and I didn't want to think about any dietary restrictions.   All I really wanted was to throw a cup of soup into a lunch bag with a banana and call it good. 

Better yet, I put on pajamas at 5ish, and delegated dinner duties to my Hubby and lunch duties to G.  His vegetarian dinner was mac-n-cheese and green beans.  Not sure we met all the nutritional needs but whatever, I didn't have to cook.  Oh and my ten year old, new vegetarian is a going to allow herself to eat; chicken, fish, steak and bacon; but other then that she's going to be a total vegetarian.  ;)

Here's what she came up with....

They both have pepperoni bites (totally meat free! not!), whole wheat crackers,  green grapes and cherry tomatoes,  stretch island fruit leather and a granola bar.  (Lili's is the "School Days" variety...made on dedicated peanut and nut free lines.)  Those granola bars are not a normal thing in our pantry so the girls were super excited to have them.  They also both have organic chocolate milk to bulk up the protein.  (My add to this lunch...I would have liked to have seen some cheese too.)

For snack GiGi packed them pretzels and a plum.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Leftover Lunch

I haven't posted my leftover lunches because I didn't really think you'd want to see what we had eaten for dinner the night before...but we gotta make our kitchens, fridges and pantries work for us! So I'm gonna post them, hopefully it'll give you some ideas on ways to make lunch prep easier for you.  I do realize that not every school has microwaves available to your kiddos to use at lunch time, so you gotta invest in some good Thermos products.  They're the best! But you have to "charge" them before you use them.  For hot foods, pour boiling water into the thermos and let it sit for 5 minutes, at the same time heat the food your sending as hot as you can get it.  I promise it'll still be warm at lunch time! (don't pack ice packs around your thermos)  For cold foods, do the same with ice and those foods will stay chilled through lunch as well!

So the girls have left over baked chicken breasts, green beans, strawberries, pretzels, 2 Thin Mint cookies and a NutriGrain bar.  (total cheat on the bar, but it's just an extra)  We did have cornbread and salad with dinner too, but there wasn't any left!  They also have organic chocolate milk to drink.
For snack they have a small plum and whole wheat crackers.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Elvis Is In The House

Call me unAmerican but I don't like Elvis.  His music.  His movies.  Him.  Never have.  Never will.  But I gotta admit that he had some pretty good ideas about food.   We're peanut free here, but we're totally WowButter, Nutella and Biscoff friendly so our sandwiches are made with those spreads, feel free to use what ever spread your family loves.

We call this our WowBerry Wrap and it's delish!  I use a flour tortilla, filled with Wowbutter and thinly sliced's like dessert for lunch and an especially yummy treat!  Both girls have some grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, pear wedges and brownie bites.   I threw in 100% fruit juice and some whole wheat pretzels.
For snack they both have bags of popcorn and Stretch Island fruit leather.
This lunch is packed in our favorite easylunchbox containers!