Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Lunch so Easy It's Scary

The girls lunch was packed in a rush last night, total surprise, right?!  Thank Heavens I keep loads of healthy options in the fridge.  The girls have a hard boiled egg; I made the spooky faces with food safe pens; a little mandarin orange, some veggie crackers, sharp cheddar pumpkins, carrot pumpkins and some grape tomatoes, and a few pumpkin peeps.  They also have a frozen yogurt tube that I threw in at the last minute (I'm obsessed with them having enough protein, but it's truly what fuels their bodies) and a box of apple juice.
I packed it all in my very favorite easylunchbox containers. 
For snack they both have kettle corn and fruit leather.


  1. Cute!! What are pumpkin peeps? The marshmallow things?

  2. Yes...they make them for just about every holiday now;) Totally not a normal treat, but I saw them and had to have them!