Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Superbowl Left Overs

There wasn't a lot left over because there wasn't a lot to start with.  We skipped the parties this year in favor of a quiet day at home and ordered in pizza.  It was sort of slim pickings, but it provided the makings for a really quick lunch that the girls adore!
Both of the girls have a slice of pizza and a bread stick, a clementine, baby carrots, a rice crispy treat, and a Stretch Island Fruit Leather, plus an organic milk box.  It's not fancy, but it'll do the trick!

For snack they have dried seaweed and a bag of grapes.


  1. Love your ideas. I've started doing this sort of thing for my girls too. They love it and now the kids at school want their lunches instead of what the school is serving and I've posted pics on my FB pg. and family, friends and co-workers want me to make THEM lunches too! LOL

  2. That is awesome! Share some pictures on my page too! I love to see what other Moms are packing;)