Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet and I Love You!  Today's lunch is all about flowery love.   I noticed that the tulips and daffodils are trying to peak their heads out of the frozen ground, and spring is trying to make an appearance here in Oregon.  This mornings frost wasn't going to do anything to dampen that sun shiny feeling I've been having, and the fresh muffins for breakfast warmed us up as much as the golden rays we've been looking forward to.  
GiGi's lunch is full of all things flowers, from the turkey roses to the blueberry muffins topped with flower shaped fruit leather.  She also has kiwi and pineapple cut in flower shapes and star fruit which looks flowery all by itself!  I took some Colby Jack string cheese and used the smallest flower cutter I had to make little cheese flowers and did the same with some of the carrots.  I think our veggies look a little like a garden patch, with carrot sticks and snap peas and a few carrot flowers to top it all off! I snuck in some conversation hearts to hold everything in place and a little bit of granola bar cut into a tulip shape.

LiLi's lunch is basically the same but she has cinnamon muffins and some grape tomatoes...I want this little lunch! 

Last night some girlfriends and I were talking about the time it takes to make these little bento's, so I timed myself this morning.  I made the lunch while the muffins were baking, the timer was set for 11 minutes, I had the lunches packed; except for the muffins, because they needed to cool; before the timer rang!  It just takes a little planning, and having your supplies handy.  This lunch would have been just as fun and healthy without cutting the cheese, carrots or lunch packers shouldn't feel pressured to do all the extras, your kids will love the variety and yummy goodness either way!

I used our easylunchboxes again (my favorite) and flower shaped silicon cups from Cost Plus (they have all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors and they are tons cheaper then the Wilton variety.)  The little plant toppers came from a Japanese online site, not sure which one but Amazon and EBay are great sources

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