Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snack Pack

Today was a long day, with a lot of time in the car; in my free time I'm a real estate agent;  and I wanted to  make sure that while I drug the girls all over God's creation we wouldn't need to make a pit stop at McD's.  Our schedule inspired todays snack packs, I channeled the Lunchables concept when I packed the lunches.  (On a side note, lunchables might be the worst thing you could feed your child.)  And tried to give the girls tons to chose from, by food items that would hold up to a day on the road, not be messy and keep them feeling full.
LiLi was far more impressed with the idea then GiGi, but they both loved the idea of digging into their snackpacks anytime they felt the urge to have a nibble!

The lunches have mini blueberry muffins, apple slices, carrot sticks, cashews and raisins, cheese flowers (string cheese and colby jack) and some gummy bears.  I think the little treat is always the pull for those Lunchables.  They also had water bottles and a can of V8. 
As always, I packed these little cuties in our easylunchboxes...seriously, have I mentioned how much I love these lunch boxes!


  1. That is an absolutely awesome idea! Looks delicious even for adults! Love it.

  2. was delicious for adults, don't tell anyone, but I made one for myself! LOL

  3. love the idea! just an FYI though, machine made baby carrots are produced using "discard" grade carrots, whittled down to the usable portions, then dipped in a chemical solution so that they stay nice and orange in a bag on the shelf for a month. Fresh cut whole carrots are a much healthier choice. Thanks for the other tips!

  4. Jenifer, thanks for the tip! I usually use just traditional carrots because they are much easier to cut into cute shapes! LOL But every once in a while I'm tempted to cheat and buy this darn mini carrots...