Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lunch in Less Then Two Minutes

Okay, I admit it I was running to pack this in under two minutes, but I did it! I had GiGi and LiLi cheering me on and counting down, the pressure was really on!

Lunch is basically the same for both girls with one exception, LiLi gets a School Day Granola Bar because of her peanut allergy and GiGi can have a traditional Granola Bar.  (We don't often have these in the house, but LiLi is going through a treatment called OIT and we are cleared to have cross contaminated items in the house now!) 
For lunch they have these little turkey pepperoni bites, crackers, Stretch Island fruit leather, Tillamook Cheese, snap peas, Oreos, granola bars and  an apple.  GiGi has organic apple juice, LiLi has organic chocolate milk.
I set a timer to keep me honest and I finished this with seconds to spare.  It's possible to throw together lunch right before you walk out the door, or for the kiddos to put together a decent lunch pretty easily. 

Stay tuned for a lunch in 5, 10 and 15 minutes and one packed from the pantry!  We used our favorite Easylunchboxes and you can see they hold A LOT of food!

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