Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kid's Choice

The Kid's Choice Awards have been on a constant loop at our house all weekend, I'm fairly certain that my love of all things pop culture has created little mini-award show lovers.   I have been listening to little girl talk about who's cool, pretty, and who wore the best clothes (according to a 6 year old, Miley's dress was in fact the BEST EVER)...and it all inspired me for tomorrow's lunches!
I decided that lunch will literally be their choice, they got to create them (these lunches really are that easy to pack) and I gave them only two rules, share and pack a rainbow.   As it turns out, my fashion loving, pop culture princesses take directions pretty well, I couldn't have packed a better lunch myself!

GiGi's lunch; Carrot sticks, a string cheese and crackers, mini sweet peppers, blackberries and blue berries, some ham slices and a baby cake mini pink donut.
Lili's Lunch:  Grape tomatoes, cheddar cheese and crackers, mini sweet peppers, ham, blue berries and a little baby cake donut.
They did help each other pack, so the lunches are pretty similar and I loved the cooperation coming from the kitchen, Go Team Two Little Lunches!   And even more I love my easylunchboxes!

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