Monday, March 28, 2011

A Lunch Without Meat

Generally my family likes protein, a little meat with their meals.  Every once in a while I debate going with a Meatless Monday theme, Taco Tuesday or a Fish Friday but I think my family would have my head! (Actually the girls would eat fish 7 days a week, but Hubby, not so much!)  I know there are some households where every week they have basically the same menus on a 7 day rotation, it wouldn't work for me, I love food to much!    
I could easily stick in a meatless lunch and my kids might not notice, there are plenty of protein options, cheese, eggs, tofu...and I've been trying to really mix things up on the lunch front, less we get in a lunch rut. 
Grace watched me preparing this little lunch and kept trying to sneak slices of strawberries and bell pepper and when I brought out the English peas (already shelled, in the fridge section at Costco) she literally squealed with delight, which made me think I should do a Piggly Wiggly Lunch!

Today's lunch has sliced strawberries, orange bell pepper sticks, crenshaw melon butterflies, English peas, and cheese quesadilla topped with some avocado slices.  Yummy, can't wait to eat lunch!
These lunches were packed in our easylunchbox containers, my favorite!

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