Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Time in Paris, eh, Portland

It's spring in Portland, we had a day over 70 degrees, promptly followed by a day that hit a high of 54 and is drizzly.  Spring here is marked by pulling out all of your rain coats (yes that's plural) of different levels of thickness and always in a rainbow of colors.  One might dust off the umbrella that was lodged in the garage for a year; the wind blows too much for them to be of any real use...and frankly, it's just a little water.  That one day inspired today's lunch, filled with bright colors, and cheery flowers.  I was thinking of all the lovely cherry blossom trees that line the rues in Paris, and the streets here at home.

So whether your dancing in the rain, or putting on the Ritz, hope your lunch was a ray of sunshine in your day!

Today's lunches are filled with all sorts of great things, a croissant, ham, watermelon and pineapple flowers, broccoli trees with carrot blossoms, some white cheddar and some tea cookies..just in case you can go to Angelina's for Hot Cocoa later in the afternoon!

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