Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Breakfast for Lunch

My family loves the novelty of breakfast for dinner and I love just how easy it is to prepare, so it got me to thinking.  Wouldn't breakfast for lunch be really fun too?  Or how about to bring on an early morning flight (when you fly from the West Coast, flights are almost always early);  if your rounding up the troops at 4 a.m. no one feels like eating a bagel; it never fails as soon as you board the plane everyone is starving and pretzels and ginger ail just won't cut it.  In this case, we had a busy morning of real estate and drop offs at Nama and Papa's...so this little lunch is really a little brunch.

Brunch includes a hard boiled egg, apple and orange slices, greek yogurt with some blackberry jam, white cheddar and colby jack cheese flowers, and a cinnamon muffin.  I threw in an organic milk box to bulk up the protein.  As always I packed these lunches in my favorite Easylunchboxes!

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