Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pantry Lunch

You know those weeks where you seem to never get to the grocery store?  That's how it's been at our house, we've been digging in the freezer and the pantry to make meals, which is not such a bad thing...we have a lot of stuff to chose from! 

The two lunches are pretty different, GiGi is so picky and LiLi has become little Miss. Bossy Boots. 
GiGi's lunch has some ham, mini carrots, a granola bar, string cheese, a handful of almonds and some pineapple chunks.  Seriously not inspired but basically a pretty healthy lunch.

LiLi has a salad with tomatoes, cucumber and cheese, some pineapple chunks (not her favorite), a granola bar, and some raw pecans. 

I threw in organic milk to round out lunch and give a punch of calcium and protein.   And as always packed them in my favorite Easy Lunch Boxes!


  1. Audrey would love the ham, cheese, and carrots. Not to mention pineapple is her favorite! Presentation is everything. Why did I not think to make cute curlys with meats?

  2. Everything I serve has a cute name...or shape. I'm famous for my ribbon ham, or turkey flowers;) LOL