Monday, May 16, 2011

Wish Upon A Star

I'm wishing and saying a little prayer that this week no one is sick! And that I get a whole week of packing lunches.  I've added a few wishes and prayers for some non-rainy weather (We're getting pounded here in the NW, 200 days of rain! I drew up some ark plans, just in case!).    But the true inspiration of today's lunches is a planning session for our Fall trip to Disneyland. I love the excitement as you near the gates, the sites and sounds as soon as you hit Main Street and then you see Sleeping Beauty's Castle!  I'm humming as I type, and it's awfully easy to imagine a Fairy Godmother swirling some sparkly dust around me and creating the most glorious dress to dance the night away with my Prince Charming; actually I have my Prince; maybe she could just clean the house and tackle the laundry!
I've created a little magic with today's lunches, it's all about the star and making a wish! Hope the girls love their little lunches and maybe they'll be inspired to make a wish.

Today's lunches have Ham cut into stars, star cucumbers, little star shaped cheddar and mozzarella cheese bits, star shaped crackers and cookies,  some orange wedges (I wish I had thought to grab some star fruit!) and bell pepper slices and a little granola bar to keep everything from moving.

I've packed our lunches in our easylunchbox containers! Love them!  Hope your wishes are coming true!

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