Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Bunny Loves You!

It's just LiLi and I today, so she requested a bunny lunch and I was happy to oblige her wishes.  GiGi is at an overnight slumber party to kick off Spring Break and so LiLi and I are hitting the park for a slightly soggy picnic!   
This lunch was fun to make, rabbits love fruits and veggies, and this Mama loves to feed all those yummy treats to her girls.  I used one of my egg molds to shape the hard boiled egg and found some really yummy hazelnut butter that's produced near our home, in a totally peanut free facility! Yippee!!!
Hop on over and take a nibble or two.
Lunch today:  Hazelnut butter bunny sandwiches, bunny shaped hard boiled egg (decorated with food safe pens), broccoli trees, carrot flowers, banana and kiwi flowers and graham cracker and chocolate bunny wafers.


  1. I love all your creative lunches - you're inspiring me to get off my lazy bum and make my kids such fun lunches! guess I need to buy some supplies - lol!

  2. Thanks Sasha! I'd recomend starting with Easylunchboxes, they make packing a no brainer...they were my first bento style lunch box and still my favorite! Couple that with some cookie cutters and your good to go...not sure if you saw my blog about my supplies, it covers alot of what I use and the best places to find stuff, it's a pretty extensive list! LOL