Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Do you like green eggs and ham?  I do not like....WAIT! I do like green eggs and ham! I love green eggs and ham, and hopping on pop and red fish and blue fish...
It's Dr. Seuss's Birthday and in our house that's reason enough to celebrate!  We LOVE Dr. Seuss, from "The Cat in The Hat" to "Go Dog Go",    My girls learned to read with Dr. Seuss and his books are still a favorite go to read.  The idea of making a lunch based on his beautiful, crazy, silly stories really got me thinking...of course, it was to late to hit the store for some of my zanier ideas, but next year.  GiGi watched me making the lunches and she had some great ideas of her own, and I know she can't wait for lunchtime. 

In today's lunch we have a Green Egg, some ham, 2 granola bar fish (if you look closely you can see they are in fact fish shaped), a Dr. Seuss Hat (made with apple slices and fruit leather bands), "Hop On Pop" cucumber people on a bed of carrot and bell pepper slices, and finally "It's Not Easy Being a Bunny" chocolate bunny crackers for a sweet snack on top of a little homemade snack mix.

Dr. Seuss didn't write all of these stories, but they are sold under the Dr. Seuss name, and they are all wonderful and magical books!   Here's to you Dr. Seuss, we love you!  

Lunch is being served in our Easy Lunch Box Containers,


  1. Love the "leather" hat! yummy lol.

  2. Amazingly creative! Who knew? When can I come over for one of these lunches?