Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

Happy Mardi Gras!  It was a fat Tuesday at our house, we took full advantage of the holiday to have lots of treats, and the best part; we're not Catholic, so no Lent!  I'm taking advantage of Lent though, and using it for motivation to finally kick the soda habit.  I'm also doing a 40 day 40 bag challenge to clear my house of clutter.   But on to more fun things, FOOD!  Our little lunches today are based loosely on Mardi Gras, to make it more festive we had our own little parade in the house and everyone got beaded necklaces.

Both girls have basically the same lunch today and they're packed in our Sanrio Hello Kitty boxes.  I tried to stick to green, gold and purple...but it's a pretty loose interpretation.   In this lunch we have pineapple coins, and purple grapes, carrot and cucumber flowers, Fleur De Lis cheddar cheese slices, and samoa cookies (which sort of look like King's Cake), and a nice crunchy apple.   GiGi has a ham Fleur De Lis sandwich and LiLi has an egg salad Fleur De Lis sandwich both on whole wheat bread.  
Everyone in this house is loving all things Mardi Gras compliments of our recent vacation to New Orleans and the fabulous Madri Gras museum!

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