Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck O' The Irish

Today's lunch brought to you by the Leprechauns.  I fancy myself as Irish, I'm really Welsh, but that's pretty darn close...and with a name like Aaryn who could ever question my heritage?!    I love St. Patrick's Day.  The Wee People leave treats all over the house and cause mischief, we get to break out the green and wear it with total abandon (we're a Beaver Nation family, green is a bad word normally) and we get to eat Irish Soda Bread! Yippee!
I really had bigger plans for today, but with a possible earthquake looming in the West Coast's future I had other more pressing things to take care of today.  I packed a "green" lunch and the girls loved it, but I also packed three days worth of food and clothes for the whole family; just to be on the safe side.   We're not going to let the threat of a little earth shaking ruin our celebrating, not when theres green milk and cookies to eat!

From my Family to Yours...
May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies and quick to make friends. And may you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.

Both GiGi and LiLi had the same lunches today!  See it really is a lucky day!  Lunch included whole wheat turkey and cheese shamrock sandwiches, rainbow string cheese (I used food safe markers), 4 Leaf Clover kiwi and cantaloupe, carrot coins, "gold" fish, chocolate coins and shamrock cookies.


  1. Hey, its Candice from facebook!
    The lunch turned out so cute!!!
    Feel free to follow me back if you'd like.
    Happy St Patrick's Day!

  2. Candice...heading to your blog now;)