Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

It's sunny here in the Pacific North West and we're celebrating!  Since it's been a week since I've really packed much for lunch I was out of practice...but the girls we're thrilled with the looks of lunch, we're still a few hours away from actually eating them.  There is nothing more lovely then a spring day in Oregon; the sky is blue like a Tiffany's box, clouds that look like cotton candy, warm, golden sunshine, daffodils and tulips in bloom; it truly is a reprieve from the gloom and gray of winter.

Today's lunches are packed in our Easylunchbox Containers. 
GiGi's lunch has a hard boiled egg, flower cheese and crackers, strawberries, granola bar, carrot and cucumber flowers, mushrooms, pineapple and watermelon flowers and a juice box.

LiLi's Lunch has two egg salad bunny sandwiches, strawberries, flower cheese and crackers, carrot and cucumber flowers and tomatoes, watermelon and pineapple flowers and a juice box.


  1. O.k.--so I have a question. When you make those really cute little sandwiches, what do you do with the rest of the bread & fixings? I just can't see tossing it, but I also don't relish the thought of spending the rest of MY adult life eating sandwiches with bunny-shaped holes. So ... what gives?

  2. Good question, depending on the bread I sometimes save the scraps for croutons because I also don't relish the idea of always getting the odd bits. My girls perfer sour dough bread, so it makes yummy croutons and they're east enough to make and customize. Otherwise our chickens get the left overs, they love the treat and I love the total lack of waste. With any veggie left overs I just throw them on a salad for me, and all fruit leftovers get thrown into a smoothie for breakfast.
    Grab two new slices for you! I really believe you eat with your eyes first, so your lunches should be totally yummy looking as well.