Friday, April 15, 2011

One Little Lunch

We've had a week at Chez Little Lunches.  There has been very little school happening, and very little cooking.  LiLi has been ill, so we missed charter school on Monday so no lunches!  Nama (my kids name for Grandma A) volunteered to take GiGi to school on Wednesday, THANK GOD!  GiGi needs to get out of the house, and she needs to learn something, from someone who is less distracted then me.  There was only one lunch packed this week, makes for a boring blog post and one of the quickest, easiest lunches I've ever packed.

This lunch has ham slices, pumpkin seeds, orange slices, pretzels, cheddar cheese squares, baby carrots, a banana and some juice. 


  1. If this is a boring lunch for you, then consider me put to shame. :-) Thanks for sharing your ideas. I, for one, am inspired!

  2. Thanks so much! Last week was the longest week ever and even though I only packed on lunch the whole week I felt totally blah about good to know that even when I was feeling less the perfect, my lunches still look tasty!