Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easy Peasy Lunch

There are some days when I'm fairly certain that even the alarm clock seems to be running late.  This was just one of those mornings, nothing was done, no one was in any hurry to get going, and of course we had to be somewhere at a specific time!  Normally I'm pretty organized, I may not have lunches packed the night before, but I generally have bags packed, clothes laid out and a few hours in the morning to get the rest done. 
Not to worry, by having some basics in the pantry and fridge you can pull together a healthy, fast and easy lunch in a few minutes flat.  I made these lunches in about 5 minutes, while eating (shoving) toast into my mouth and alternately yelling at the girls to hurry up.

LiLi's lunch has a handful of snap peas, purple grapes, some cherry tomatoes, a few ham slices, a cheddar cheese wedge and a bunch of whole wheat crackers...I threw in an organic milk to bulk it up even more.

GiGi's lunch has snap peas, strawberries, carrots, some ham slices, a string cheese and a handful of whole wheat crackers and she had an organic vanilla milk to round it out.

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