Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's A Wrap!

Let's not get crazy here, only one of my kids will eat this wrap (LiLi), so GiGi got a deconstructed wrap, which didn't look nearly as yummy.

The girls both gave a lot of impute on this meal, we were stretching the boundaries of what they're used to.  Because we're a peanut free home we don't eat a ton of sandwiches, but we gotta be real, sandwiches are totally packable!  So this lunchlady is slowly and surely trying to introduce some sandwichy kinds of food into their diets.

This lunch has a wrap with ham, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce and onion.  On the side they both got a handful of grape tomatoes, blueberries, cucumber slices and 2 heart shaped peppermint patties.  I threw in an organic chocolate milk box and a banana and packed popcorn and carrot sticks for snack.  
The true test of this wrap will be what's left when they get home.  I'll keep you posted!
I packed these lunches in my favorite easylunchbox containers.

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