Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sh....Don't Tell My Hubby

I've been organizing the whole house (it really, really, really needed it!) in an effort be ready for school to start, including my lunch making supplies.   I had no idea, NONE, that I had sooooo much stuff.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much I have.  The girls kept coming into the kitchen and looking at me like maybe it was in their best interest to call that show "Hoarders" and report me.

It's done now.  I got about half way through and wanted to quit, I wanted to turn on "Dance Moms" or something equally outrageous and forget Mt. Bento in the middle of the kitchen. I'm better for it.  All the containers have their tops, or were recycled.  All the bins are sorted and labeled.  Lunch creating can happen easily now.

What are you slightly obsessed with? Come on, comment. Make me feel better.


  1. It's honestly not ok...and today, I almost bought another one! ;) I have all these ideas and I don't have the just right cutters for them! LOL

  2. glasses and platters. I have wine glasses, margarita glasses, water goblets, champagne glasses, Christmas wine glasses, and MORE. I don't just have two of each, I always want to have enough in case my 12 closest friends stop by for a drink! LOL Then there are platters, I love platters. I know you typically only use one or two glass platters at a time, but I like to keep 20 or so just in case. :-)