Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ahoy Matey!

I hope the little Pirate Girl I made this lunch for is happy enough that she doesn't make me walk to the plank!  A lunch filled with all sorts of yummy goodies, lots of fiber, whole grains and proteins make it possible for any Pirate to sail the Seven Seas.

I gave some of the Mom's on FaceBook a challenge; give me your childs gender, age, favorite foods, favorite things (Pirates, princesses, frogs, ect...) and I'll custom design a lunch just for them.  A few of you responded and I'd love more.  I'll do my best to stay true to your kiddo's requests, and of course you can always change it up to their exact needs.

This Pirate Princess loves peanut butter sandwiches, and veggies...she also loves yogurt (which I was totally out of), so I filled this lunch with a Pirate PB, his head kerchief is made out of cheddar cheese and his eyes and mouth are cut out of cucumber skin and can be removed really easily.  There is Walk The Plank Celery sticks with cream cheese and a Mermaid (what pirate is complete without a Siren?),  broccoli seaweed, organic whole wheat crackers (because  Hard Tack isn't good and you could break a tooth!), some chocolate gold coins, oranges to keep the scurvy away, and some cucumbers and carrots that have been speared with swords.

Plus a reusable bag with Pirates Booty and a bottle of Grog (apple juice).

As always, I used my easylunchboxes...I love them and you can get loads of food in!

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