Friday, September 21, 2012

Lazy Daisy

It all started with an egg, an egg that was supposed to be a star.  When I took it out of the mold I realized that the egg was too small, and I had a daisy on my hands!

So it became a lazy lunch with a daisy theme.  The whole lunch from start to finish took about 3 (5 at the most) minutes to prepare.   I hard boiled the eggs the day before and put them in molds to get them ready for lunches.

This lunch is for Lili who loves all things pink and girly.  She has a mini bagel and cream cheese, hard boiled egg (decorated with food safe pens), grape tomatoes, carrot carnations, watermelon posies and some pretzels dipped in pink white chocolate and sprinkled with a little keep em' sweet.
Dipping pretzels in chocolate is easy, melt the chocolate; tint it if you want a specific color;  cover in chocolate...I throw mine in the freezer for just a few minutes are they're ready to go!
I used easylunchboxes and silicone holders.

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