Thursday, July 7, 2011

Snacks for a Long Day...

As parents we all have those dreaded days of hours spent on the side lines, in ice skating rinks, or dressing rooms(backstage)...days when you have little options for food, or when food isn't allowed.  Yet our active kids need to feed their growing, moving bodies. These were snacks I packed for my girls during dance rehearsal week, they technically couldn't have snacks...but we all know that kids need fuel and these were long 6-9 hour days.  Fortunately our dance school would allow the girls to throw on cover ups and grab a quick bite.  I packed foods that would give them a burst of energy, fill them up and not cause any mess to those darling costumes. 
This is one days snacks...I tried for variety but it didn't always happen.  They got jerky or pepperoni, pretzel and cheddar goldfish, cheese slices, applesauce, juice, fruit leather, bananas, apricots, apples, and water bottles.   The variety gave them lots of choices through out the day and met many of their nutritional needs.  There isn't much in the way of grains...but lots of fiber in the fruits and veggies.  Some days they got carrot sticks, cucumbers, yogurt, whole wheat crackers, grapes and dried fruit.  I love my reusable bags, just rinse them out with warm water and a little soap and your ready for the next use!

Just two of the adorable costumes they wore...this was for a Mary Poppins Acro was darling!

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