Friday, January 28, 2011

Tea for Two

Today's lunches, tea time! My girls love having tea, and being proper young ladies with cute little sandwiches.  I love it too, so this was an easy lunch for me to pack.  I could have gone farther on the theme by baking little scones, or tarts...but this is lunch and I'm a busy Mama.  Maybe next time.
This is LiLi's lunch, she loves cucumber sandwiches with her tea.  So she has cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches on organic bleached wheat bread, with baby tomatoes, cucumbers and carrot sticks, a banana, little sandwich cookies and a few conversation hearts...we are after all close to Valentine's Day!

Gigi's lunch has two different varieties of tea sandwiches, one with cream cheese and homemade raspberry preserves, the other with Nutella.  She also has blue berries, cucumber slices and baby carrots, some little sandwich cookies and a few conversation hearts, plus a banana for snack.

I used our Easy Lunch Box containers, because they hold a lot of food and keep it all well separated! I used cupcake pics to hold the sandwiches together and some silicone cups to divide the sides from the sammy's. 


  1. I love these! My girls really like the Honest Kids drinks too.

  2. Ah, thanks so much! We're on FB too, so you can catch me there as well. Hope you love the lunches to come this week;)